Powell Animal Hospital's Microchip Finder-Powell, TN, Knoxville, TN

Powell Animal Hospital

205 Star Mountain Way (Formerly500 W Emory Rd)
Powell, TN 37849



If you find a lost pet, bring it to our office for a free microchip scan.

If you have a microchip number, this tool can help you find the right company


In the US, there are a total of six (6) microchip databases:

24PetWatch™               866-597-2424              www.24petwatch.com

AKC® CAR                  800-252-7894              www.akccar.org

AVID®                          800-336-2843              www.avidid.com

HomeAgain®             888-HOME-AGAIN       www.homeagain.com

ResQ™                      877-PET-LINK               www.petlink.net

Banfield®                   877-LOST-PET