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Powell Animal Hospital Drop-off Policy:
Please note that we require all pets staying with us for the day to be current on vaccinations and to have had a negative fecal examination within the past 6 months. If your pet is due vaccinations, your pet will be vaccinated before treatments are performed. Additionally, your pet must be free from both external and internal parasites. If treatment for parasites is necessary, this will be performed at your expense.
By submitting this form, I authorize the doctors at Powell Animal Hospital to perform the diagnostics and treatments that they feel necessary up to the amount I listed above. I understand that if additional services are necessary, I will be contacted by a doctor so that we can discuss these procedures and their cost. If I cannot be reached, I give my permission for the doctors to perform any necessary emergency treatments that may be needed to stabilize a life-threatening condition. I agree to assume all financial responsibility for these treatments in the case of an emergency.
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